We are in the business of inspiring confidence in people, styling them and their homes to feel beautiful.  Our passion is to ensure fashion and feeling good are available to all, providing quality products at an affordable price.

Leah Spearritt - Director/Owner.  Leah's in depth knowledge of design, construction and fit of fashion pieces strongly influences the products we have available for you.  This companied with her passion for helping women find and fit their perfect outfit ensure you can feel confident, comfortable and gorgeous in what you wear.

Leah is driven in business to empower other women through fashion.  Building confidence in them and along the way normalising body shape and size.  Her message is that we are all uniquely beautiful and should be confident in what we wear and how we approach every day.

Leah is well known for her ability to work with customers to find a piece they love, often challenging what customers consider 'their style'.  Her extensive product knowledge and ability to connect and build authentic relationships with customers is key to being able to execute this.  With over 15 years experience in the industry, this is Leah's third fashion retail chain with her initial store founded in 2006 selling her original designs for both men and women.

In her spare time Leah loves being active, outdoors, spending time with her kids and sewing.  When active she particularly enjoys going to the gym, surfing and playing netball.  She has 3 kids - Olive, Lulu and Harley.  Her passion for sewing over the years has acquired a unique collection of designs, something we might bring to Bliss customers in the near future.


Ben Spearritt - Supportive Husband / Marketing and People.  Ben's main role is to support Leah in the business operations.  He is also our marketing and people person.  He has a passion for human connection and a love of learning new things.

Ben is always keen to get the best out of people he works with.  He loves how business has the capability to bring diverse groups of people together.  Ben's ability to be creative with words, bring humor to most things and coach progress in people are his strengths. 

Ben is a qualified educator with extensive experience in Middle Management and Coaching in schools.  He is currently studying marketing and has a passion for Leadership. 

Personally, Ben loves spending time with family, being outdoors, physical activity and reading.  He is a keen golfer and surfer and loves taking the kids along for the ride.